Library Commitee

Library Advisory Committee:

A Library Advisory Committee has been constituted in order to ensure proper administration of the library. It consists of a Chairman (Principal), a student representative, a Secretary (Librarian) and Other 7 members. LAC meets twice a year to review the library related matters. The LAC has well defined objectives. Those objectives are as follows

  • To advise librarian regarding proposed policies.
  • To guide or to counsel with librarian in general development and administration of the library.
  • To ensure sustained growth of the library in every respect.
  • To ensure liaison between library and various academic departments and its clientele.
  • To consider and put forward the views and ideas of faculty and students regarding selection and acquisition of library resources (i.e. books journals etc.) and other library services.
  • To recommend suitable budgetary provision for the library.
  • To act as a buffer and thereby safeguarding the librarian as far as various policy decisions are concerned.
  • To ensure technological up-gradation of the library

Staff of the Library :

Sr. No. 

Name of Staff



Nature of Work

 1. Mr. S D Aher Librarian B.Sc., M.Lib & I.Sc, NET, SET Library Administration,Acquisition, Accessioning and Classification of Books and Acquisition of journals and other materials
 2. Smt. V.N Borgude Sonawane Library Clerk M. Lib. & I.Sc. Processing of books and Journals, maintaining records of newspaper, Circulation of books to staff, Correspondence of library, Data Entry of all the Books
 3. Mr.M.G. Bharate Library Att. H.S.C. Controlling Reading Room, Circulation of Books to Students, Arranging books in the cupboards, Stamping of newly arrived books Cleaning the whole library
 4. Mr.N.B Kunde Library Att. S.S.C. Circulation of Books to Students, Providing Books to Circulation Counter etc. Arranging Book Cards in tray, and vice-versa