Computer Science

Year of Establishment : 2022

Names of Programmes / Courses offered  : UG-  B.Sc. (Comp. Sci.)

About Computer Science Department

The department of Computer Science was established in the year 2022. It offers only one UG program with the intake of 80. The department has well-qualified staff and provides a friendly environment for the students. We have Computer lab, Electronics lab with latest computing equipment’s and software’s with the facility of Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet), Class rooms with LCD Projector, interactive smart boards are available in college for smart teaching.

Department maintains a good academic result scenario. Department provides many opportunities to students for development of overall personality by participating in the various cultural and co-curricular activities held throughout the year. Every year our department provides special guidance to students through Expert Talk series, paper presentation, elocution completion schemes.

            Department has been offered a comprehensive study on a range of subjects related to Programming Languages. Department provides a Bachelor of Computer Science degree after completing three years course successfully. This degree provides a chance for students to explore their passions, ambitions, and goals. Students who complete this degree will be able to meet the challenges of modern life. It also enables them to become an independent thinker. Our alumni are able to think independently of the rigors of tradition and social prejudice. They can build good relations in society. Thus the department makes every effort for the overall development of the students.

Department Vision

To generate competent professionals to become part of the industry and research organizations at the national and international levels.

Department Mission

a. Providing a strong theoretical and practical background across the computer science discipline with an emphasis on software development.
b. Imparting the skills necessary to continue education to grow professional.
c. Empowering the youth in rural communities with computer education.
d. Inculcating professional behavior, strong ethical values, innovative research capabilities and leadership abilities.

Faculty Profile

Name of StaffQualificationDesignationExperience
Smt. S.D. GawaliM.Sc (Comp.Sci), NET, SETAssistant Professor08
Smt.V.B. GaikwadM.Sc (Comp.Sci)Assistant Professor01
Smt. A.G. LokhandeM.Sc (Mathematics)Assistant Professor09
Miss.R.R. WableM.Sc (Mathematics)Assistant Professor01
Smt.G.J. DalviM.Sc (Electronics)Assistant Professor01

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning

· Presentations with the help of LCD projector.

· Laboratory books designed for B.Sc.(Computer Science) Practicals

· Demonstration of practical assignments with help of simulation and programme modules

· Project demonstrations using ICT.

(Computer Science)
(a) Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) Science Stream with Mathematics or its equivalent examination OR (b) Direct Admission to Second Year for students who have completed: Three Years Diploma Course, after S.S.C. (10th standard) of Board of Technical Education conducted by Government of Maharashtra or its equivalent.

           Three Year B.Sc. Degree Program in Computer Science 

  FYBSc(Comp. Science)(2019 Pattern)

  Semester I (Total credits=22)

 Paper Code          Paper title
 (CC-I) CS-111          Problem Solving using Computer and ‘C’ Programming
 (CC-I) CS-112          Database Management Systems
 (CC-I) CS-113          Practical course based on CS101 and CS102
 (CC-II*)           Mathematics – I, II and III
 (CC-III*)           Electronics – I,II and III
 (CC-IV*)          Statistics – I, II and III

 Semester II (Total credits=22)

 Paper Code Paper title
 (CC-V) CS-121 Advanced ‘C’ Programming
 (CC-V) CS-122 Relational Database Management Systems
 (CC-V) CS-123 Practical course based on CS201 and CS202
 CC-VI*  Mathematics – I,II and III
 CC-VII* Electronics – I, II and III
 CC-VIII* Statistics – I,II and III

 SYBSc( Computer Science)(2019 Pattern)     

  Semester III (Total credits=22)

Paper CodePaper title
(CC-IX)CS 231Data Structures and Algorithms – I
(CC-IX)CS 232Software Engineering
(CC-IX)CS 233Practical course on CS 231 and CS 232
CC-X*Mathematics – I, II and III
CC-XI*Electronics – I,II and III
AECC-I*Environment Science – I
AECC-II*Language Communication – I

   Semester IV (Total credits=22)   

Paper CodePaper title
(CC-XII)CS 241Data Structures and Algorithms – II
(CC-XII)CS 242Computer Networks – I
(CC-XII)CS 243Practical course on CS 241 and CS 242
CC-XIII*Mathematics – I,II and III
CC-XIV*Electronics – I, II and III
AECC-III*Language Communication – I
AECC-IV*Environment Science – I

TYBSc( Computer Science)      

Semester V (Total credits=22)     

Paper Code                    Paper title
CS-351Operating Systems – I
CS-352  Computer Networks – II
CS-357Practical course based on CS501
CS-353 Web Technologies – I
CS-354Foundations of Data Science
CS-358Practical course based on CS503
CS-355Object Oriented Programming – I (Core Java)
CS-356 Theoretical Computer Science and Compiler Construction – I
CS-359 Practical Course based on CS505
CS-3510 Python Programming / R Programming
CS-3511 Open Elective

Semester VI (Total credits=22)

Paper Code      Paper title
CS-361  Operating Systems – II
CS-362Software Testing
CS-367Practical course based on CS601
CS-363 Web Technologies – II
CS-364 Data Analytics
CS-368 Practical course based on CS603 and CS604
CS-365 Object Oriented Programming – II (Advanced Java)
CS-366 Theoretical Computer Science and Compiler Construction – II
CS-369 Practical Course based on CS605
CS-3610 Mobile Application Development OR Software Testing Tools
CS-3611 Project OR Open Elective