Core Values

Karmveer Ganpat Dada More Arts, Commerce and Science College, Niphad is transferring its core values through the higher education with commitment in the rural area and for the personality development of youths and women empowerment through quality education. The college follows the motto of MVP Samaj, Nashik committed for the happiness and welfare of masses. The College is therefore committed to provide value and need based education to meet the demands from market including industry and society.

  • Discipline

We are dedicated to maintain discipline in staff and students of the college. We believe that self discipline is key to success so we focus on self-improvement and self motivation to achieve quality in work by maintaining self discipline.

  • Excellence

We endeavour for excellence in our academic pursuit. We are committed to innovation in teaching, research, ICT, and outreach programs to serve best to stake holders. We are committed for continuous self-improvement and strive for excellence.

  • Dignity

We are dedicated to honesty, equality, admiration, and professional and scholarly principles. We respect the dignity of all people. We have foundation of truthfulness, respect, and courtesy, and that our behaviour is driven by the highest ethical principles.

  • Diversity

We respect diversity and value and ensure to develop self esteem of every person in order to develop vibrant learning environment in college. We are committed to provide unbiased, safe, judicious and transparent environment. We thrive for maintaining intercultural diversity in our daily activities including curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

  • Student Focus

We strongly believe that students are at the centre of entire teaching and learning process. We are committed for personality development of our students including development of communication skills, positive approach and willingness to accept challenges in life by promoting lifelong learning soft skills and leadership development.

  • Collaboration and Public Engagement through MOU and collaborative activities

We are committed to serve for society including non-profit and public communities. We strive to improve quality of education and the quality of life of staff and students with an aim to ensure bright future ahead.

  • Community Service

We are committed for the community service through activities of NSS, NCC, Rover ranger, Extra Mural Activity Cell, Student Development Office like adaptation of village and undertake projects of ban on open defecation, Save water, save energy, free Blood group and Hemoglobin Detection camp, Blood donation camp, AIDS Awareness programs, Bird feeder and water baths for thirsty birds, eco-friendly holy, Mass Rakshabandhan program, Water Management and Conservation, Save Girl Child, Ganesh idol collections and stop water pollution etc. Through these programs we are giving message that we are committed for the community service.

  • Environment conservation and protection Awareness

We are committed for Environment conservation and protection. We spread the message of Environment Awareness through our Student’s assembly and through organisation of co curricular and extracurricular activities in the college. We have developed botanical garden and planted variety of plants and tree of various species, like medicinal Plants, ornamental plants, honey bee centre, butterfly garden, and complete green ambience for the pursuit of knowledge in calm and eco friendly atmosphere. We have installed Solar Photovoltaic System having the Electricity Generation Capacity of 15 KW. The locality of the college is known for Leopard prone area so the college has undertaken awareness raising program of how to save leopards and also how to save our life from attack of leopards through establishing collaborations with Wild life conservation society. The locality is surrounded by Nadur madhmeshwar bird sanctuary where birds migrate from Siberia and foreign countries and it is also known for famous Ramsar project. The college has undertaken awareness rising in save bio-diversity and also organised international vulture day programs to save birds and rare species.